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Because there is none of the formal stuff we’ve all come to expect from wedding receptions (sorry, no throwing of the bouquet, no first dance, no pre-rehearsed speechifyin’,) you are welcome to come at any time, stay as short or as long as you’d like and eat, drink and socialize to your heart’s content.


What you can expect…

  • Food - we’ll have food trucks! And epic desserts!

  • Drinks - duh

  • A themed experience with interactivity, things that are meaningful to us, and surprises to explore

  • People! Lots of amazing people. We invited way more of you than we should have. But then again, we always go a little too far. With everything. Especially the people we love. :)

  • The kids will be there, cousins, too. Running around, having fun, enjoying a free day!

  • And music. We love music.




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